Restore a piece of antique furniture

Step 1: Select

Select a piece from a range of damaged vintage items and antique furniture at the Glen Sheldon shop. We have a range of broken and forgotten would-be treasures. Give your home a new feature piece to love and enjoy.

Step 2: Restore

Every item has been restored to the highest standard. Restore the piece to its original style, or customize it with a modern twist. Preserve the memories that an item may have. Start on your furniture restoration journey and reap the rewards!

We are passionate and skilled craftsmen. We use the best machinery and materials in our work to restore and refurbish furniture back to life

Benefits of upcycling furniture

Better for the environment – upcycled furniture is sustainable furniture. Reduce landfill. Upcycling furniture is an eco-friendly alternative to reduce our furniture waste and minimize our carbon footprint.
Save money – upcycling furniture can save you a lot of money compared to buying an item of new furniture.
Supports small & local businesses – recycling furniture helps to support local businesses and industries.
Fosters creativity – Designing a bespoke piece of furniture to upcycle, saving it from the waste pile, requires a great deal of creativity. The result is usually something our clients are genuinely proud to take home.

Australian Victorian Bookcase

Solid cedar traditionally French polish in a shellac

Australian Victorian Red Cedar

Chest of 7 drawers, which has been built using solid cedar

Mid-Century Extension Table

Solid Teak legs polished, top sprayed, 2 part polyurethane

Australian Victoria Cedar

Fully restored, 7 drawer chest

Victorian 7 Drawer Red Cedar Chest

A black colour shellac to give a contemporary look

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