Traditional skills

French Polishing

Specialising in traditional French polishing, sprayed and all modern contemporary finishes

French polishing refers to the age-old technique that involves the application of seedlac or shellac by hand. Being a labour-intensive process, it takes a lot of perseverance and years of effort to master this art. When performed by a skilled professional, French polishing produces a robust and glossy surface that we often find on heritage and antique furniture.

Over the years, your favourite furniture pieces may get scratched, damaged, or lose their brilliance because of wear and tear. Glen Sheldon has mastered this craft to successfully restore many state-of-the-art antique furniture pieces. In addition to repairing your furniture, our experts will match the finish exactly so that all previous blemishes are no longer detectable. This will undoubtedly last for a long time if treated with care.

French polishing Sydney service at Glen Sheldon includes, but is not limited to

  • Complete furniture restoration
  • French polish furniture
  • General clean-up, minor repairing, and revival
  • Colour matching/colour changing
  • Traditional French polishing for new timber
  • Lacquer finish and wax finish

We pride ourselves as one of the most experienced and qualified French polishers in Sydney and have never had a disappointed customer. We only use the highest grade of stains and lacquers coupled with the extreme care and knowledge of our team. With Glen Sheldon by your side, your old piece of antique furniture is in safe hands without any doubt.

Calls us today and let us start an amazing journey toward making your old furniture new again.