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Residential Restoration

We offer a comprehensive range of residential restoration services including re-polishing and re-upholstery, webbing strap replacement, joint regluing, and even creating new parts for your old furniture

When you come to us, we can guarantee that your antique old or damaged furniture will be returned to you in an recognizably restored condition. Our restoration service also covers furniture from all eras. Whether you have an antique, vintage, retro, or contemporary piece of furniture, our team has the necessary experience and knowledge to get it restored or repaired. No matter how bad the condition of your furniture is, our experts will certainly provide them with a new lease of life in no time. Whether it is an old chair, cabinet, or sofa we pride ourselves on our ability to refurbish or upholster, just about any piece of furniture you bring to us. From specific timber such as French Oak, OldĀ  English Leather, or just a plain wooden lounge, we can do it all.

If you have your furniture covered by an accident insurance policy, we can also help you with the necessary insurance assessment reports and quotes. Some of our most popular residential restoration services include:

  • Restoration and repair of antique furniture
  • Repairing contemporary furniture
  • Cabinet repairs
  • Veneer repairing
  • French polishing
  • Chair repairs
  • Desk repairs
  • Woodcarving
  • Rejoining and re-gluing of tabletops
  • Re-silvering of mirrors
  • Furniture upholstery
  • Replacement of moldings

Glen Sheldon French Polishing is proud of its team of experts that are always focused on ensuring your peace of mind by delivering extraordinary service. If you are looking for an affordable as well as reliable restoration service in Sydney, we are definitely the solution.

Each residential restoration project by Glen Sheldon French Polishing starts with a detailed evaluation of the furniture to identify the required restoration work. We will also provide you with a clear idea about the cost and time required to complete the work.

Our entire team of restoration experts has been thoroughly trained to ensure that they respect your privacy while working at your home. Moreover, you would be happy to know that all our employees are background checked for your safety.

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