Traditional skills

Antique Restoration

We are passionate about restoration and antique furniture restoration

We have put together many years of hard work to master the different antique repairs and restoration methods. There is no feeling more pleasant to us than successfully restoring an antique item back to its glorious state of the past.

Our antique restoration specialists are capable of restoring all types of antique furniture, including chairs, tables, cabinets, desks, side tables, chaise lounges, couches, antique drawers, and much more.

Do you have a family heirloom that has been lying unattended in your home for years? Are you an antique lover that frequently purchases different artifacts?

Glen Sheldon French Polishing understands and respects the fact every antique piece has an immense financial as well as sentimental value for the owners. We take every possible measure to retain as much of the original item as we can.

Our extensive experience as an antique restoration experts has made us aware of the fact that a lot of damage takes place to an old piece of furniture when it is shifted from one place to another. This is why take extreme care while arranging antique pickup and delivery for our clients.

Ever since the inception of Glen Sheldon French Polishing, we have been proudly involved in the process of revitalizing innumerable cultural and historical collectibles belonging to the glorious past of our great nation.

Please contact us today if you have an old furniture piece that requires immediate attention.