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Spray Finishing / Polyurethane Coatings

As a trusted furniture restoration Sydney service provider, spray finishing and polyurethane coatings is one of our core areas of competence

Our attention to detail and personal touch helps each of our projects stand out from the rest. We follow an extensive spray-finishing process that can be extremely demanding at times. However, when it comes to quality, Glen Sheldon French Polishing will never cut any corners.

Our spray-finishing process involves working in a controlled environment to deliver a hard, resin-like finish when the paint dries up completely. Several layers of paint are used to build up the color. In order to achieve the best finish, we adopt a fine sanding technique between the different layers of the paint. Our spray-finished surfaces are the hardest and most durable of the wood finishes. With a resilient finish, we make it a breeze for you to clean your furniture.

Amongst all types of wood finishes, Polyurethane coating is widely accepted as the easiest to apply and the most durable alternative. This plastic-based resin is extensively used because it provides a finish that is extremely hard. Matt, Satin, or Gloss polyurethane are available. Matt and satin are the most preferred as it shows the scratches the least. A Polyurethane coated wood surface often appears to be similar to that of a smooth plastic surface.

At Glen Sheldon, we only use products from the most renowned Australian manufacturers of polyurethane paints. These products have extraordinary resilience and the ability to match colors. Our polyurethane coatings can also be used in laundries and kitchens because they are resistant to moisture, humidity, chemicals, and heat. Over the years, our polyurethane finishes have also been used in different medical application areas.

Please call our experts to find out more about our efficient spray-finishing services.