How to restore wood kitchen cabinets? This involves cleaning, surface preparation, removing current coating, repairing, replacing panels and doors and applying new coating. This is a rigorous and meticulous task best left to experienced craftsmen.

For instance, cleaning and surface preparation might require sanding off the current coating and some of the original wood. This could lead to more damages and ruined cabinet doors. But when experienced craftsmen handle the job, they carefully perform each step to restore cabinets to their original glory (or to improve cabinet’s appearance depending on your request).

Restoration can be less expensive

It’s fascinating how a few repairs and restorations go a long way to making everything brand new. For example, just replacing the cabinet doors and keeping the shelves intact will do tricks in improving the cabinet’s appearance.

You can now forget about tearing out your old cabinets or even renovating your kitchen. A restoration is often all that’s needed for a refreshing look. It’s especially the case if it’s a heritage item or an object with high sentimental value. In most cases wood kitchen cabinets can still be repaired and restored.

How cabinets are restored?

First, the cabinet doors are removed for easy and complete access of the surfaces. These doors can be replaced with new ones upon your request. They can also be put back on after repainting the wood frames and shelves.

If you want to guarantee a perfect result, the paint should be 100% even. After all, even a very small mistake can be very noticeable to you and your guests. Also, remember that cabinet doors and panels occupy a large space. Any mistake will be magnified.

Most mistakes though are still easy to correct. However, the resulting additional time and expense required might be too much. Rework should be prevented as much as possible.

How professionals do it

Experienced craftsmen first perform a thorough evaluation before removing, sanding, repairing or repainting anything. This is to ensure that the right wood material or finish will be used. This first step is crucial for smooth results.

For example, craftsmen may choose a polyurethane coating (matt, satin, gloss) that delivers a hard finish. This plastic-based resin is popular because of the excellent durability and protection it offers. The original finishing might also be applied depending on your preference.

Restore wood kitchen cabinets Sydney

Whichever is the case, experienced craftsmen can deliver smooth results. From beginning until end, they’ll be very careful in restoring your cabinets to their original glory. You can also request for a repainting (e.g. use of polyurethane coating) to protect your cabinets from natural elements.

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