Maybe you have an old piece of furniture that you just can’t let go. You still want to keep the old furniture for its financial or sentimental value. However, how it looks doesn’t go well with your new or updated home.

What to do with your old piece of furniture

One solution is to upcycle the furniture to give it a fresh look (and make it better suit your home). Perhaps the furniture looks like it’s from the past century and your home now or the particular area looks and feels like modern and sophisticated. To clear the gap, it makes sense to update the furniture as well.

A quick way to do that is to repaint the whole piece. Its colour and overall appearance will then better match or complement your updated home interior design. It’s important here to think about the final result before you choose a colour for the repaint. It’s good to visualise how it will look in the background and how it complements the environment.

But what if there’s just no way for the furniture’s design and function to fit and complement the area? Well, you can choose to repurpose it through slight modifications and keeping the core material intact. This already happens on recycled timber furniture where the core wood material is used to make something else. For example, many old wooden drawers were now used as display shelves for books and decors. Their storage space is intelligently utilised for a new purpose. This is like breaking things apart and putting them back together in new ways.

Creativity and imagination is the limit here. As long as there’s available material and surfaces, they can be assembled to make something useful and fresh. We’ve completed several of such projects here at Glen Sheldon. Aside from recycling and repurposing old furniture, our craftsmen also make sure that the result will be smooth and perfect where the furniture will be placed. Contact us today and let’s make your old furniture useful and fresh-looking again.

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