If it has a high personal or sentimental value, your old table is still worth restoring. It’s also the case when it’s an antique or has heritage or historical value.

Is your old table still worth restoring?

If we’re talking about the cost of restoration compared to the cost of just buying something new, it’s good to ask the professionals first so that they can give you a quote (e.g. contact us today here at Glen Sheldon). This way, you can quickly decide if it’s still worth the effort and cost. Most likely the price will be reasonable especially if it’s just some surface damages (e.g. lacquer peeling, lost its lustre) or a few minor structural damages. The repairs and restoration can be quick and craftsmen can bring back the table’s original beauty and glory.

A high attention to detail and a high level of care is required in restoring your old table. That’s because some mistakes are irreversible when it comes to furniture restoration. You also don’t want your old table with high personal or financial value to fall into hands you don’t trust. What you want is for your old furniture to receive the highest level of care and attention so that you can still have it with you for years and decades to come.

How is it done? It starts with accurately determining the type of coating and material used in making the table. Although most likely the old coating will undergo sanding and stripping, it’s still useful to know the type of finishing used. This way, when it’s time for refinishing, the original appearance will be achieved. Also, it’s important to use the original material so that the texture and graining will look consistent.

It’s a task that requires experience and attention to detail. Careful handling is also a must because a little scratch or dent can entirely ruin the furniture’s appeal. If it’s a table you hold dearly, you don’t want the knowledge that it was handled improperly. You want professional hands to take care of it so that once again your table will bring delight and become truly useful again.

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