Good estimates are around 7, 10 and 15 years. However, before that the sofa might already look old, torn and broken (due to ripping, sagging, stains and other noticeable defects and damages). Also, the sofa’s useful lifetime still depends on its usage and environment (high moisture and exposure to sunlight can speed up deterioration).

Making your sofa last longer

As with our other personal items and belongings, we want our sofa to last long. Furniture pieces are not getting any cheaper and that instead of replacing the sofa, we could use the money to buy another piece (perhaps a working desk or a small table as a snack area).

To make your sofa last longer and get the most value out of it, one way is to get it away from sunlight (or put window covers and other treatments to block the sunlight). Another way is to keep the furniture clean (and also quickly wipe and clean up the spills and dirt). This is to keep the sofa’s fresh appearance as well as get rid of the potentially reactive substances from the surface. When cleaning though, it’s important that you only use appropriate cleaners to avoid damaging the fabric and upholstery.

Another tip is to immediately repair the rips and tears before they get worse. A one-centimetre rip can quickly become 5 to 10 centimetres if you just let it be (especially if there’s someone who always uses the sofa). The existing pressure and the weight can quickly worsen the damage. As a result, it’s important to get the upholstery repaired right away.

If it’s a quality sofa, surely the foam and other underlying materials will last long. The problem is that the surface can easily deteriorate because of constant contact and exposure. Even with proper care and regular cleaning, sooner or later small scratches, rips, tears and other damages will show here and there.

To help you make your sofa last longer and if you’ve noticed some alarming damages, you can contact us here at Glen Sheldon. We provide upholstery services whether it’s for a residential sofa or a cushioned chair in a cafe or restaurant. Through the years we have fixed loose covers, upholstery rips and other furniture damages. We will quickly complete the task for you and make sure the results will be excellent and long lasting.

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